How it Works

Step zero - Get a walkthrough on how to join!

Step one - Sign up!

Getting started is easy peasy - just click the button below, and choose either the monthly or the yearly subscription option.

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You will be redirected to Paypal, where you can complete your subscription. Oh, and don't worry about paying anything for the first two weeks - our treat 🙂

Once you've completed your subscription, we'll send you an email of thanks and inviting you to complete your membership by registering with WordPress, if you haven't already.

Step two - Choose your dance, and start learning!

All our dances can be accessed through the Member's Area page (you won't have access to them until you sign up though).

Each video is split up into a quick demonstration, followed by a closer look at leader and follower's footwork, some technical leading and following points, finishing with a final demonstration to music.

Note: Some browsers don't immediately sync up the audio and video the first time a video is played. We're working on correcting the problem, but if this happens, just pause and restart the video, and it should correct itself.

Step three - Vote on future content!

Here's where it gets exciting - every month, we produce and add a new set of instructional videos to our ever-growing library. And since we want to create the videos you want to watch, we're letting YOU chose what videos we make!

You can vote once per month on the Site Improvements page (click "Vote on New Videos" in the Member's Area). You then are asked 3 simple multiple-choice questions:

  1. What dance(s) would you most like to learn more of next month?
  2. What would you like to see in future videos - more technique, more patterns, etc?
  3. What changes (if any) you would like to see to the website?

Every month, we tally up the results, and the winning dances get top priority! The one exception to this rule is if a number of dances tend to win over and over again - we want to make sure there's something for everyone 🙂

Step four - Ask an Instructor!

Have a question the videos don't answer? Go to the Ask an Instructor page (through the Member's Area), and let us know! Every month, we'll create a video answering your dance-related questions (anonymously), with demonstrations if necessary. How's that for a personalized experience?

Step five - Get active on the forums!

Whether you have a dance-related question, notice a problem on the site, or just want to connect and swap tips with like-minded dancers, the forums are a great place to go! And if your question isn't being answered, we'll drop in to help out 🙂

And that's it! Click that button below, and let's get you started.

sign up for online ballroom dance lessons